Wow, what an experience!!  What a blessing!  Okay so now explanation of what I am talking about.  Here are some pictures of my latest adventure with my family, a trip to Europe specifically Italy and Greece. We had been planning this since the first day of college for my eldest son (6 plus years).   As we planned this trip we all had different ideas of where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do.  Four adults, four ideas.  By the time we actually got two weeks out, we were ready and super excited.  As our journey began in Venice, Italy it became very apparent, we all liked the City for various reasons and in different ways.  This continued throughout our travel.  We all were in awe of the different ports (we took a cruise), but was a little different for each of us.  Sunrise, Rick my eldest and I, culture and people, Troy my youngest, and the different lifestyles, Rich.  It was amazing to see that day after day we all appreciated the different areas for its beauty.

I find it interesting to see that Real Estate is very similar to our adventure, everyone’s definition of beauty is very different.  From the home that has been completely redone with wide open living spaces, to the new build with smaller rooms and clearly defined places.  The beauty is there depending on who is looking at it.   This is even true when assisting clients purchasing a home that needs to have a few renovations (the kitchen and flooring) to one that the entire home needs to be redone.   My job as your Realtor is to ensure we find what beauty speaks to you.

Signing off – blazing trails to the home of your dreams…