Your first thought of hiking in Arizona is water!! Where will I get enough? How much do I need to carry with me? And of course there is no water in the desert, right? Everywhere you go it warns you to bring water, not just a little tiny water bottle, but 1.5 liters or more depending on where you are going. Well me being me, I didn’t listen, read or pay attention on some of my first hikes in the “dry heat”… Until, “Ma’am, can you come with us please,” said the nice ranger…well the rest of the story is too long and embarrassing to tell. The whole point to this is to share with you what you SHOULD bring when you hike.

This guide will help you so there are no embarrassing saves in your future. Now you are probably asking yourself what does this have to do with Real Estate, well for some buyers/sellers the market is like the water, thinking there will always be enough and not thinking about being prepared. I believe that educating yourself and being prepared, saves on some of those embarrassing times. If you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell a home, please have them contact me for our buyer/sellers guide.

Signing off,

Hiker Beth, blazing trails to the home of your dreams.