Welcome to McDowell Sonoran Preserve nestled in the foothills of the McDowell Mountains. Here are a few of the beautiful pictures I took as we walked the Gaitway Loop Trail. This is one of many, 17 to be exact, trails in this beautiful preserve. As I walked along the first trail, wow was all I could say.

This beautiful preserve is in the middle of the well known town of Scottsdale (metro Phoenix for all of you non-residents). The City of Scottsdale had a lot of foresight into the purchase, upkeep and longevity of this area. The preserve expands over 30,000 acres and is the largest city owned preserve in the country. Looking to the future is sometimes a hard thing to do when we are talking about preserving things. One of those things that is hard to talk about is preserving our income stream. A great way to do that is have the same foresight into our future as the city council did for the preserve.

Investing and holding onto real estate is a great way to ensure another income stream later in life. I wish when I was younger, I had a mentor that was in Real Estate and knew about purchasing property as an investment. For more information look at the book HOLD, How to find, buy and rent houses for your wealth. Signing of!

Hiker Beth, blazing trails to find you your next home…